Ammi, please enlighten and inspire me ...
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Subject: "miriam wasn't willing"

 hi Ammi ... hope you still remember? ... to continue;

orinda said; and, oh btw, when Raj was talking with you at the 12-12- 02 course meeting ... he mentioned that miriam wasn't healed of her lameness because she didn't want to be ... was this  the 'miriam' (peter's daughter) you wrote about in a previous post?

ammi said; I don't recall, perhaps the quote would help.

here is the quote ... i had to bring in some of the conversation leading up to have it make sense.

ammi - the bible talks about you walking along with the people and healing the multitudes

Raj; instanteously, by the way.

ammi; when you see them, you are seeing what you believe, so you don't see them as sick ... yet somehow this belief is able to shine out of your mind into their mind so they can adopt the belief that you presented as well as experience the instanteous healing.

Raj; there's one key point, they had to be willing ... miriam wasn't willing.

Raj then went on to explain why willingness is a key factor in healing ... but i couldn't help wondering why he used 'miriam' as an example with you?  i knew there was some meaning ... because in my experience of him, Raj is always talking directly to something going on with the one he is in conversation with ... and then i remembered your posts about 'peter's lame daughter' and now i'm so curious to know if miriam was her name?

thanks for the information about the '2000 faithful' ... communists, huh? so that's where that word/idea *commun-ist* comes from ... interesting.

and thanks for your contribution to that meeting, ammi ... i find more healing value in it every time i listen.  (thanks also to carson for the cd)

namaste, orinda

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