Oh, geez, ammi ...
Posted 2003-01-28 8:30 PM (#879 - in reply to #852)
Subject: RE: Oh, geez, ammi ...

Hi jeanette,

You know of my love for you..... with you i know of a love that never changes..... only deepens..... expanding.... ever waiting for our awareness to catch up.

You pointed out what at first glance appeared to be a very pompous statement...... and you weren't alone in seeing it.  And to be sure, you only pointed out what i purposely laid out to be seen.  I am grateful to you.  Perhaps the conversation you started will prove beneficial to all

There really is a lesson to be learned here.... for those who will see it.  Suddenly a statement which seemed to hold an arrogant specialness..... has now revealed another completely overlooked possibility...... a possibility which leads to a Grand Equalization.

Hmmmm..... now why would this possibility be so readily overlooked?  What keeps this possibility so hidden from awareness? Why is the possibility even so difficult to acknowledge?

Mmmmm.... you know i loved the hug..... but the apology is unnecessary.  I am grateful for all you are, and for all you are to me.  I am well pleased with you.

Maybe the discussion will lead us all somewhere..... we'll see.

I love you,


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