Missus Cunningham, Missus Cunningham. . .!!!
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Subject: And to Continue..................


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All they could hear was the roar of the freighter's engines, Maedell's voice no longer making a sound. Just the outline of her mouth forming the word "Trrrrruuuussssttttt!!!!."

They both griped the sides of the tub as it rocked up and down and the wave after wave crashed upon them. The freighter made its way beside them leaving an inch or two of space as the little tub danced its dance upon the rocking water.

Slowly the waters calmed and soon the freighter was but a simple distance memory of drama... Dander looks at herself and says, "Gee, I am soooooooooooooooooooo wet." And Maedell just smiles and whispers a gentle "Thank you", as she slowly crawls over to Dander who is wringing her shirt with a smile on her face. "Yup Maedell, I see what you mean......"Even if I still have my doubts, all it takes is one of us to know the Truth." "Where are we going now I wonder?????"
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