Missus Cunningham, Missus Cunningham. . .!!!
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I hope you are working on the next chapter. You've left us hanging out on a limb...

At the same time they both leaned to look up-stream.

"What is that," Dander crowed with joy, "Oh this is soooooooo wonderful!"
"Is it a beam? A beam of light?"
Suddenly Dander's mouth flies open in a silent scream along with her eyes. She is paralized with fear. MaeDell looks up at the beam with eyes wild as well. There, barreling down on their tiny little bathtub was a HUGE FREIGHTER.....slicing through the river like it was fog.

MaeDell eyes fly shut, her knuckles turn white as she holds on to the rim of the tub. Her mouth screaming out the word as a mantra.....


"I trust...I trust...I trust........"

As the freighter loomed over them the sound drowned out MaeDell's affirmations..........
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