Missus Cunningham, Missus Cunningham. . .!!!
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Subject: flowing in the Current


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wow maedell . . . this is SO beautiful. what a gift to all and to our dear miss cunningham. we must be on the same wavelength. i had the most overwhelming compulsion to connect with sandra this morning . . . a need to confirm her beauty and worth and express my appreciation for the light and levity her special candor adds to my life.

thank you for this wonderful story. trust is the key to "feeling" the Presence and relaxing into the flow of where It is going . . . with eyes open to the joy and beauty that is ever present . . . covered over by the fogs of our misperception. God's Kingdom is ever in this place of Trust and only in trust can the BEingness of the moment evidence itself.  in our willingness to abandon judgement and fear . . . do we open the floodgates of Heaven to give us every good thing.  we really need do nothing but trust . . . and be the place where the Goodness of God can display Its Majesty.

thank you fo this dear sister . . . and thank you sandra for being the catalyst for so much love this morning.





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