Missus Cunningham, Missus Cunningham. . .!!!
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"Can Dander come out?"

BAM!!! The screen door slams and immediately a head peeks out over the porch

"Hi," she says. "What'cha doin'?"

MaeDell grins and replies, "I'm going sailing in my new boat. It's so
wonderful. . .I love it. It's right over at the river. . .wanna come? . . .
I named it The BEGINNING. . .wanna go for a ride? A Really Different Ride?"

A return grin answered along with the thumps of Dander jumping down the
stairs. She came half-running up to MaeDell. . .and followed her across the
driveway. The stones made crunching sounds as they dodged the branches of
shrubs and trees. Farther and farther they walked while shrugging off the
branches reaching out to stop them. . . It seemed farther. . .and then more.
. .
Dander slowed and called out, "MaeDell. It's getting darker and foggy. . .
MaeDell wait." . .
and MaeDell turned, smiled, and waited. . ."Of course."

"What's happening," asked Dander, "I have never been here before and it
feels lost. . ."

"Hold on, Dander, just breathe deeply. . .breathe deeply. . .the mist and
the fog are ideas. . . that's all. Ideas that all the people share and agree
to. . . but just ideas. . .breathe . . .they're confusing fog."

They were very close; they could hear each other's sounds. . . they felt one
another's presence, felt the "being-ness" of each other.

MaeDell said, "Have I ever lied to you?"

Dander thought a moment then looked into her MaeDell's eyes. "No."

"Have I ever tricked you or judged you or demeaned you or criticized you?"

". . .no."

"Think for a second. think truly. Can you trust me?"

". . .what kinda' trust? . . .you mean REAL trust?"

". . .yeah. . .Real trust. . ."


"okay. . .yeah," sighs Dander, "yeah, okay."

"Good," says MaeDell, "because I was reading through that Blue Book you
shared with me and found out something, something really important. See. .
.here's how it goes. . .there's another us. . .another you and another me
and I guess another every single other body. . .but the only way to feel
this other one is inside of *t*r*u*s*t*. It's gets a little tricky here
because everybody believes we gotta always be alert and take care of
ourselves. . .defend ourselves. . .ya' know?"

Dander nodded. All kinds of ideas were running through her mind. She thought
about all the different kinds of ways she needed to be careful and take care
of herself. . .and her eyes sort of squinched up a little bit.

MaeDell watched. And waited. And waited. Then she asked again, "Dander,
can you trust me?"
"Can you feel trust, with me?"
"Feel trust. . .; breathe it in, feel trust. Think about the things we have
done together. . . I've never run out on you or let you down. . .I care about
you, breathe slow and deep. . .breathe and FEEL . . . trust. . .trust. . .
You can relax and open up and let the foggy belief in need for defense.

Dander looked away. She towards sky low on the horizon and remembered some
of the things they had done together. She turned back and gave a tiny nod. .
.of . . . okay. . .
MaeDell reached out, took Dander by the hand and turned.

"Accept everything exactly as it is," she said, as she stepped forward
through the mist. Then another step. . ."don't judge anything, Dander. All
judgments simply add to the confusing fog. It's even in the Bible, about the
mist rising up out of the ground. But, we gotta join together and
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeel into trust. . .truuuuuuuuuuuuuuu --
stttttt. . . See, when I think of how you have been with me, your loyalty
and your faithfulness, I can feel trust. . .and then I can take that feeling
and expand it. . .but you give it to me, first. . .feeeeeeeeeeee --
eeeeeeeeeeeeel into truuuuuuuuuuuu -- uuust. . .
Ahhhhhhhhh, can you feel it, Dander? Can you feel how it actually has this

And another step, but this time Dander was pushing on MaeDell as she tried
to lean around her to see.

"I think I hear the river's water," she said. "I do. I do hear it."
And she stepped past her friend and peered at the water's edge.
"What is that?" "Oh my Gawd, what is it?" chuckled Dander. "MaeDell" she
yelled. . ."what IS that?"

"That's my boat, Dander!"

"Why . . . why . . .why. . . that's not a boat!" sputtered Dander. "That's a
bathtub. . .!!!"

She turned.. twirled really, around to look MaeDell in the face with a look
of utter amazement .
"What is a bathtub doing here? Oh, look! You painted the name on the side,
BEGINNING. You actually did that! Is that your sister's Plum Pudding nail

"Well. yeah. But she said I could use it. I asked her and she said it's not
'in' any more."

"Why'd ya' name it "BEGINNING?"

"Because when we enter 'trust' we can go into another way of being. It's
called a holy instant. Some call it "Now" and some call it "the Moment," but
the blue book calls it a holy instant. Trust is where our other self, our
real self, is. . .see? But inside BEGINNING is where we can find a new
world; God's world is 'in the beginning'."

Dander began dancing with eagerness, but eagerness kept stepping on her

"Why. what's that, MaeDell?" she cried, pointing up the river.

"Oh that's Ben! Lookee, lookee, he has a raft for his holy instant. .
.hahahahahahahah, what ???... is that a calliope on his raft? Why,"
bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. . .he's playing "Spiritus
Magnificat" on his raft. . .he used the computer to compose that. . .!!!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAH, too cool!!!"

"Our Ben?" Dander asked, with big wide eyes. MaeDell nodded.

"Look over there, coming from the side of the river, look there!" MaeDell
continued. "Oh Wow. . .that's my friend Arthur, I told you about Arthur. .
.ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . .his holy instant is inside a tractor tire. . .oh
meeeeeeeeee, oh myyyyyyyyy. . .Dander!!! I'm so glad you joined with me in
trust. Just feel how good this is. . .just feeeeeeeeeeeeeelll. . .See? We can't do it alone. . . gotta be together. . . ."

They stood there holding hands until they seemed to get the same thought at
the same time. Both MaeDell and Dander turned to all that was before them
and opened their arms, accepting, embracing everything. All of everything.
Only right now, only this moment, mattered. Only 'the now' meant anything at
They accepted their bodies unconditionally, just as they were. They accepted
their feelings, their pain, their joy, their tears and their smiles.
Everything in the world was embraced..just as it was, for there was no
danger of any kind. And they shared it all.

They stepped on with trust and threw their legs over the side of The
BEGINNING. It began to rock gently as it lifted off and headed into the

"See, the ideas and thinkings were making up the Fog of Confusion. . . we
just needed to go into trust and accept everything unconditionally. . . with
no judgment at all. . . and then a new world is given us. See?"

"But look, MaeDell," said Dander, "lookee there, and there, and there. .
.see the shadows coming and going in the mist? Ya' know what? I figure
others will come and the more that come, the less fog there will be. . .less
confusion. It looks like alot more are learning how to trust. . . learning how to leave that judgin' behind. More are comin'."

"Yeah. . .yeah. . .you're right."

"Lookee here, Dander. . .when we go through trust, as a real-live, genuine feeling,
here and now, and climb into 'beginning', and then stay open without figuring out
what we want, then stuff C O M E S TO US . . .see? Like the boat. Your book said this
little ripple on the ocean wanted to fight the ocean, but it only needed to just release
those silly ideas to let itself realize that the ocean was bringing everything to it, to
the ripple . . .everything. Life, sustenance, nurturing, and water. . .it
was being brought to the little ripple. . .and the ripple simply needed to accept
what it was instead of trying to be the provider. . .ya' know? The OCEAN determined it was a ripple. . .NOT the ripple!! .. . sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.
. . who do you think that it is?"

At the same time they both leaned to look up-stream.

"What is that," Dander crowed with joy, "Oh this is soooooooo wonderful!"
"Is it a beam? A beam of light?"


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