Using the RECENT button
Posted 2003-01-25 9:45 AM (#528)
Subject: Using the RECENT button

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Hello all,

In the upper left, there is a brown button that says recent.  If you click that button, you will gain access to all the threads that have had new posts since you last logged on.

This is a handy way to keep track of new information.

Now, if you like a thread, post your response, thoughts, comments.  That keeps the thread 'alive' and on the recent list for everyone.  Plus we get to know you and what you feel.

It also has the benefit of enouraging the poster to continue adding threads to the forum. 




PS:  I forgot to mention.  It seems like when you have pulled up the recent list and viewed a recent thread, the BACK button takes you back to the overall list, not back to the Recent list.  Just so you know, hopefully they will fix that!  I just click Recent again and start over.

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