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Subject: Being with each other ...anew

hello dear rissey! thanks for the meaningful reply ... i'll comment to;

 So you think a "Buddy" system would be good? hmmmmm, wanna be my Buddy? lol

not surprised you lol'd  ... even so, i'd be happy to share what i do know, little as it is. just let me know when you'd like to check out the 'sandbox' ... it's really just a practice message board set up exactly like this ... and i'll try to be there helpfully if i can. 

I am clear of what the purpose is with regards to TGP, its postings, the people who have come here and why. Forgive me for my first couple of days of numerous questions and not exactly following the format, but I first had to learn the format before I can be a beneficial participant (for others AND for myself). And I can always trust that you will be there to keep me on the right road. After all, you know me well. Try not to be too hard on me tho! See me for exactly who I am, not just your little sister, and allow that to be.

thanks for the reminder, and sorry if i've offended you, but i am more than happy to let you be at tgp in whatever way serves you ... but no, please don't "trust me to keep you on the right road" here ... there isn't one that i know of. (smile)

there are, i feel, appropriate, respectful and thoughtful behaviors for using this site ...  all of which you've demonstrated being aware of already. as for seeing you as my 'little sister' ... i agree, that wouldn't honor our equality. 

my hope is that we will both be willing  to release ourselves  from the idea of a 'no choice' sister personal  relationship, so that we might both be free to see each other anew - as God sees us - His whole, equal and perfect Children. so yes my dear sister, you can indeed count on me to see you and treat you in the same loving way i always do my best  to treat everyone else here.

Yes Orinda, you have brought me to a wonderful place.

you are indeed in a wonderful place ...made even more wonderful by your presence  ...  but please take full credit for following your own Guidance to be here now ... i am already greatly blessed  to have played a part.

Thank-you from my heart

in my heart ... you are very welcome.

namaste ... with love, orinda

from Spirit ... a 'welcome' gift for you from the Course;

"There is not a moment in which His Voice fails to direct my thoughts, guide my actions and lead my feet. I am walking steadily on toward truth." (w,99/w,101)





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