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Subject: good morning,


wish you and your boundless energy were here  to help with all the shoveling out from our latest major snow drop we're making new 'records' again! paul and cass are out there now clearing walk and park spaces .

as for all the questions you still have ... well, like i said,  if you just go to the 'sandbox' forum and read what others here now are questioning and answering there,  you may find exactly what you need to know.  also, to help speed you to posts on the subject (in any of the forums) the 'search' engine is very helpful ... just type in the key word or words and posts containing same will be identified and available to read.

last but not least,  what i want to say most of all ... though your obvious curiousity and enthusiasm is endearing, and no one loves that about you more than me, in your haste to quickly get to know everything, don't let yourself miss the real enjoyment  inherent in learning something new. for me, it's more about being with, and getting to know the people i interact with in search of the answers, than it is about having the answer itself.

now, rissey, we both know if anyone around here will learn the ins and outs of this system ... it will be you, and that's great,  because your willingness to share what you've learned knows no bounds.  but please remember to be patient with me and the others who don't mind the little obstacles we often have to climb over or find a way around in order to be in communication with Raj and each other about our real purpose for being here ...

happy learning! don't forget Chris is very very busy  helping people get registered and moved in (as he did for you) as well as handling all the technical/maintenance tasks for the site ... those of us who [are] in can benefit everyone by useing the 'sandbox' to share answers found as we go along  and also practice using the many features of the site. ... all for the purpose of making it easy for everyone to hear Raj, and commune and share with each other about the trials and joys of waking up to Be the Love that we are.

something else you might do ... how 'bout asking someone who understands the setup to 'buddy' with you in the 'sandbox' and private 'inbox' ... that might work great!?

anyway, i'm glad you're here ... it's wonderful to share something so important to me with a 'real' life sister ... thank you. love, orinda

"infinite patience brings immediate peace." -- author unknown - or did Raj say that?

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