the 'random quotes' feature (attn. Chris Tuttle)
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hi rissey~

yeah....... this is a favorite. it is from a card i received after birthing my first chld......... which i recently scanned and drew on with a light pen to add color and dimensional detail to its beauty. i was very pleased with how it came out. it was done as part of the graphical and design work i have been doing for ammi for his site. this is the link to the lantern page.

to save a pic on any page...........  right click and choose SAVE PICTURE AS in the selection box that comes up and  save it to file.  the name is "the_motherlove.jpg" but you can save it under whatever name you like.

to make it smaller for your avatar pic you'd have to change the image size (60 px width) in whatever graphics program you have......... like photoshop. hope that's enough info.

only love*

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