the 'random quotes' feature (attn. Chris Tuttle)
Posted 2003-01-26 6:23 AM (#583 - in reply to #566)
Subject: to vote or not to vote ... that is the question


thanks for voicing your 'vote', Chris ... what i appreciate most is your involvement and that you've found a way to honor everyone ... with divine humor, yet!!? you must be 'Listening'

an aside, it's still on my "needs" list to God ... that the way be shown to keep you serving the needs of the Foundation ... full time.
an aside 2, hey! it works!! hold shift, then enter to drop to the next line.

i'm still having a devil of a time with the 'font' thingy tho'; i do love my 'comic sans' marker but veronica (for one) has trouble reading such small print ... and i can't seem to make it bigger see, i raise  the number from 2 to 3 and it goes bigger but blacker also. i'm anyway.

maybe for now i should just turn off the 'rich script'? but  boo hooo, i'd like to be 'rich' and have more to give.

hope you're enjoying the new board and all the  wonderful 'new' friends it opened the door to as much as i am.

thanks again for everything! namaste, orinda


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