the 'random quotes' feature (attn. Chris Tuttle)
Posted 2003-01-25 4:58 PM (#544 - in reply to #541)
Subject: my 'vote' on "random quotes"

[[All truth comes from Christ/God.

It's all Raj.]]

we agree on where truth comes from, Stefanie ... but i feel we need to be clearer and more specific in addressing this issue.

as you know, i'm fully aware that many other teachers (including yourself) have said, are saying,  wonderful words of truth...and thanks to the providers of this site we all enjoy the liberty and space to share that in threads on the board. ... my point is,  since we're here  to learn [from] Raj how to be in touch with the Truth that comes from Christ/God within each one ... shouldn't we  honor that decision by giving the quotes we find meaningful from his material/teachings the place of 'visible' honor on this website?

so again, i'm very clear, and my 'vote' is to leave at least this tiny, but significant space purely for reminders of what we want to learn from  Raj.  

i appreciate your reply stef, and hope that you and others will remain interested enough to share more light and honest feelings on the subject.

with love, orinda

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