the 'random quotes' feature (attn. Chris Tuttle)
Posted 2003-01-24 7:08 PM (#488)
Subject: the 'random quotes' feature (attn. Chris Tuttle)

hi chris, everyone ...

at the risk of sounding like a party pooper to  friends who are enjoying the ability to post in the quotes section ... i have to say, i feel strongly we need some guidelines as to what is and is not appropriate.

from my vantage point, in light of the fact that these 'quotes' are continuously displayed on the Foundation's Home page ...and seen by visitors who would rightly expect to find something of what Raj has to say  displayed in this area,  it seems appropriate to me that  this highly visable spot be reserved for Raj quotes only. of course i'm always open to seeing it another way (smile)

so far, the only reference to the correct use of this feature i found is your reply to sandra's asking 'what is it?'  here's the post ...

[[Okay, so Random Quotes are a feature where people can add Quotes to the quote list.  Please keep the quotes in line with the content here in the site.  Right now all registered users can add and delete their quotes.  The quotes will show up at the top of the forum in a random fashion.

Just click on the Quotes button to see the list of current quotes that will be displayed as well as a button you can press to add your favorite quotes.

Chris Tuttle



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