"The Course says it is essential that miracles have no observable effects" - Anonymous -

Dear friends,

Insanity is perverse. It is perverse because it reinforces itself, to the detriment of the one experiencing it. In its most perverse form, it proclaims that Sanity is invisible and, unlike the wind, cannot be confirmed by its effect on the world. It says that the introduction of right-mindedness - the sudden shift of perception called a "miracle" - cannot affect one's perceptions and still be a "miracle." Ultimately this means that God's Presence is meaningless, irrelevant to and exclusive of "the world" and "the human condition."

Let us be very clear, here: The "human condition" is the misperception of divine being that results from the mutual agreement to define the Kingdom of Heaven as something other than It is - the world. The "miracle" is the breakdown of that mutual agreement and the restoration of "right-mindedness" which unavoidably involves clearer observable, tangible evidence of Reality.

Healing, without the evidence of healing is nonsense. Love, without the evidence of love, is nonsense. Sanity, without the evidence of Sanity, is insanity.

The "miracle" is not a means of manipulating the world or the human condition. It is the redemption of one's mind to the "spiritual original" - the pure awareness of what God is being right where the misperception obscured it, "with signs following," evidence!


Kingston, Washington
September 3, 2002