Dear friends,

Put simply, a "special relationship" is when two or more join together in a mutually-agreed-upon-definition of something - a definition which is at odds with the Meaning the Father is embodying as that thing. It's no more complicated than that!

Yet, the decision to engage in such a relationship creates the sense of separation and a highly complex defense against reunion. In other words, it creates the sense of separation and skillfully maintains it.

And here's how it does it:

Once the mutually-agreed-upon-definition is committed to and the sense of separation is established, it is discovered - and further mutually agreed upon - that unity is essential to the strength of the position taken, which is at odds with the Father. This means increasing the numbers of those committed to the discrepant perspective, as well as developing rules (laws), which will keep those already committed from breaking the commitment.

Can you see that the need to create and maintain unity amongst those committed to functioning at odds with God, in order to survive in this state of independence, provides a "survival issue" that overshadows the remembrance of a Unity which was broken only by a wish to see things differently? A Unity which can be easily restored by simply abandoning the wish?

Until you see this, there will be politicians, attorneys, parents, siblings, friends and enemies who will embroil you in the complexities of a simple fantasy - that God gave you a mind of your own, instead of His own Mind. And you will attempt to use this so-called mind to further maintain the fantasy instead of hesitating long enough to say to Him, "Thy Will be done. I no longer wish to see things other than through Your eyes."

Kingston, Washington
August 6, 2002