"The human mind plays no part in the healing process."

Dear friends,

In order to gift your brother with healing, you must provide him with a better perception of himself than that which he is presently embodying. And in order to do that, you must be willing to abandon whatever perception you are currently holding about him.

Healing involves the experience of a "measuring stick" not present in, and not available to, the ego frame of reference, and therefore healing amounts to a gift which neither one of you has the personal capacity to give to yourself or each other. Yet, healing occurs. And its occurrence demonstrates that when you are willing to release him from your current concept of him in order to let the Truth of him be revealed to you, the revelation constitutes an act/experience of Love which transcends the best concepts either of you have about him . . . transforming him, and you as well.

This is not "positive thinking." It is beyond thought. It is not metaphysical "treatment" of sin, disease and death. It is the uncovering of Vision in which God's Allness and God's Love discloses no sin, disease and death to be treated, and your brother says, "I'm healed."

Healing is the evidence of someone standing in receipt of another's willingness to see innocence beyond where guilt holds reign, exoneration beyond where justice called for punishment, because Love was invited to reveal the Truth of him.

Often Love impels you to extend to him what you cannot so graciously give to yourself, and in the revelation you discover that the Truth of him is true of you, as well. No one can get beyond the reach of Love's sweet healing touch. No one can stand accused of such atrocities that someone's willingness to see his innocence cannot reveal God's Will has not been thwarted - and that there is no "crime" which calls for suffering or death.

Begin today to find small ways to see your brother through the eyes of innocence, that his might be revealed to you and heal him . . . and you as well.

Kingston, Washington
June 30, 2002