"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists."
- A Course in Miracles -

Dear friends,

How much . . . or little . . . does it take to justify abandoning your joy, your peace, and indulging in anger? Just what does it take for another to cause you to forget that your Function is Love and abandon It in favor of ego reaction? How ready are you to sacrifice your Integrity in favor of mucking around in contentious attack and defense, thereby establishing and reinforcing temporary amnesia regarding Who you Are? And how unconscious are you of the point where that shift occurs?

How much do you value being "on the beam"? How committed have you become to the fact that Clarity is what allows you to be a divinely transformational presence, and that indulging in ego reactions renders you impotent?

Ego dynamics constitute an opaqueness through which Truth cannot reach you, rendering you incapable of being the transparency for Truth. And the solution always lies in your withdrawal from the attempt to establish justice in the place of injustice and replacing it with you being in your right mind!

Being is not responsive. It is a gift, rather than a transaction. It extends Itself, flowing from the impulse of Self expressing. Unlike a pearl, Creation is never a beautiful reaction to an irritant, healing is never a beneficial response to disease, and 4 is never the result of an angry protest against 2+2=5. Therefore, the answer lies in backing up to a point prior to the perception of conflict which apparently called for and justified abandoning one's peace - where Creation is unpolarized, Wholeness [health] is immutable, and 2+2=4 simply is what it has always been.

Again: You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it. You are at that point, and must understand yourself therefrom. From this vantage point, anger, reaction and conflict can find no foothold, their use is meaningless, and Clarity begets clarification [transformation] without conflict, where the invitation to anger seemed to be.

Kingston, Washington
April 23, 2002