Dear friends,

Do you know that you are a more efficacious voice for transformation in the world than any book, teaching, philosophy or religion? In fact, you are the only dynamic point of transformation that exists!

Teachings and thought systems have not the capacity to embody Love, and only Love embodied is transformational. How to be the presence of Love cannot be taught. Therefore, all that any religious or spiritual teaching worth its salt can do is point you in the direction of that inner point of honest struggle and decision, wherein you yield to God - where you do more than say, "Thy will be done," and actually set aside your own in favor of His.

Do not ask any book or teaching to reveal God to you. It is impossible. To revere a document or a set of words will only distract you from the reverence due the altar in your heart where We await you, and your freedom from illusion, too. It is so easy, but preoccupation with external props can make it difficult if they are used improperly. Do not make gods of them and bow to them. Do not revolve your life around their words, but let the words inspire you to go within. From there release the words that helped you to that inner place, and open up to Him in all simplicity, humility. Don't hold Him to the words that brought you to the point of feeling His sweet love for you, just as you would not hold Him to the suffering it sometimes takes to bring you to your knees and open up your heart.

Whatever brings you to that place within where all the bullshit stops, be grateful for. But do not idolize the means by which your honesty came into play and opened up the door to your Inheritance. Once opened, you will be the Love that can't be taught, and transformation will occur, for you will be about your Father's business, hopelessly original in everything you say and do and be.

Kingston, Washington
April 11, 2002