Dear friends,

What are the ways in which you are alike? What are the things you have in common? Is it not here that you can build relationships and cement good will into a foundation for peace and harmony? Is it not where differences do not hold sway that brotherhood can emerge, that love can be restored, that mutual respect can begin to melt down prior grievances? Of course!

Ancient hatreds lie at the base of even the newest of grievances. In fact, it is impossible to have new grievances. What was not resolved in the past incarnates again and again as ongoing bad behavior. Why? Because love forgotten, unexpressed and subsequently justified, is the pattern set in place which replicates itself and nothing else wherever one's attention rests.

For something new to happen, something old must be released. The pattern must be broken. Love must be remembered and a new intent must be expressed - a "pattern infinite" - in one's attentiveness to all he sees. What one dislikes about another must yield to common ground and common need, to sameness and humaneness, if one would find redemption.

Be willing to abandon your "advanced position" or your "greater skill," or even more, your greater righteousness, in order to commingle with each other in humility and brotherhood. And dare to care about each other's very human needs, because together you will find that at the base of every human need there is a Birthright to be found - one which an ancient hatred covered from your sight.

You need each other for the resurrection of the Truth of you because you cannot love alone. And without love, you can't replace "the love forgotten, unexpressed and subsequently justified," which thereby breaks the pattern which has held you hostage to an unforgiving ignorance of Who you are and Who your brother is.

Kingston, Washington
April 5, 2002