"Brotherhood is the context of Integrity. Autonomy is the context of disintegration."
- Rajpur -

Dear friends,

If you are smack dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, then Awakening is going to mean discovering how to be, right where you are, on a new basis! The answer to prayer is going to reveal how to be appropriate, how to be in harmony with everything on the basis of what everything Really is!

Don't be surprised that Guidance is practical. Don't be surprised that Guidance is relevant. Don't come to the conclusion that you must be making it up because it isn't transcendent - other-worldly. It is in partnership with your Guide, or the Holy Spirit that you are given new vision and perspective, which allows your behavior, here and now, to transcend "habit," become truly responsive to need in a manner that transforms it into need met, and at the same time increases your reliance upon relationship rather than autonomy.

Those who speak authoritatively about expressing free will, as though it is a "divine right," even an obligation of an adult creation of God, cannot invalidate the truth that "The only right use of will is to choose not to use it." And only those who choose not to use it, and yield instead to the Father's Will, can know the sublime and transcendental truth of it.

Kingston, Washington
March 21, 2002