Dear friends,

You're not a potter's handiwork - thrown, fired, sold, and placed upon a shelf, a table in a living room, or on a patio in someone else's home. Creation is God's Self expressed, and therefore still God's Self expressing that which He is being now! And now! And now!

If you conceive yourself to be God's child, apart from God and given independent will, you will use words describing that conception to define yourself, and you will exercise the "will" you think you have in order to defend that definition. By your words, you will build walls which separate you from the rest of You.

You must release yourself from bondage self-imposed, by letting go self-will, releasing self-determination. You must let His will, by His determination, be established in you through your willingness to forfeit "rights" you thought you had, which introduced illusions where they could not really be.

To do this, you must know the power of the words you authorize is absolute but false! And that the will you use to back them up preoccupies you so completely - absolutely - that you cannot see, you cannot be, the truth of That which God is being now, and now, and now right where You are. You must discover that the veil between you and the Truth of You is only words believed, committed to, defended . . . nothing else.

When you truly pray for healing, you are asking that God's Will be done - which never was undone - and for the words which contradict the definition you have made. This is the way you reach beyond what you have taught yourself, beyond this self you think you are, to Him Who formed You and informs You still, where you may say, "Thy will, not mine be done."

Kingston, Washington
March 11, 2002