"Angels are God's thoughts, passing to man spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect."
- Mary Baker Eddy -

Dear friends,

A bumper sticker: "Reality is not what you think."

The Bible: "The bridegroom cometh when ye think not."

Book title: "Beyond Thought"

The Bible: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." And: "When thou prayest, go into thy closet and pray unto thy Father, which is in secret."

What is that "secret place"?


It may be your "right," to think, and it may be an "inalienable expression of freedom" to think, but it is also your right and inalienable freedom to be still. It may be your right to speak, but it is also your right to listen. It may be your right to be hostage to the ego, but it is also your right to be host to God.

Do not be intimidated into underestimating and forgetting the value of attentive silence, else you will lose consciousness of the ever-present communication from God to man, the experience of God being You - Communion.

Kingston, Washington
March 2, 2002