"You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it. You are at that point and must understand yourself therefrom."

Dear friends,

Communion, the inner experience of Guidance, is not spiritualism. It is not "speaking with the dead" and it is not a matter of "penetrating the veil." Communion is not communication. Communion is the direct experience of your inseparability from God and His creation. It is the demonstration of no veil to penetrate.

This experience of unity appears to be a homing beacon to one who is convinced of his independence - a means for him to abandon his independence safely, a path for him to consciously choose. It is experienced as a formless invitation, a felt attraction toward new meaning, like a plant toward the light. But it does not mean movement is actually occurring, nor that there is distance between him and where the "homing beacon" would take him.

The journey from insanity to Sanity, from self-created isolation to full-membered Brotherhood occurs right in the middle of eternal, unalterable Sanity and Brotherhood, which, for a moment, you chose to ignore.

That those of us who are Awake stand ready to facilitate your return should be no surprise. We are part of the indivisible Brotherhood, as are you. And to become reacquainted with us (your Wholeness) is inevitable, even though the process is a temporary illusion. That which never ceased to be the Whole of You cannot be re-joined, but your abandonment of your conviction that God gave you a private mind and will to exercise will make it seem like that.

We speak to you from Home. But what you do not realize is that you are Here with us, and never left. You merely squeezed us out of your awareness and pretended you were somewhere else. We know your "journey" back and "rediscovery" of us seems real to you. It is all right for it to seem that way. We know you're coming Home.

Kingston, Washington
February 28, 2002