"Think to be heard of God, Speak to be heard of men."

Dear friends,

It is time for the sentiment expressed in the above quotation to be replaced with:

"Listen to hear God, Express what you hear."

The former describes two kinds of relationships and two means of relating, which can, unfortunately, be utterly exclusive - inconsistent and divisive. The latter is not sentimental, but practical - consistent and uniting.

Divine Sanity lies in Oneness restored: "Thy will be done through me, as me, to all that You are in everything I see."

The only Function anything has is to glorify its Source, knowing it has no existence separate from It. To live this is apparently difficult, because all are conditioned to believe that God is separate, as are one's brothers and sisters. Existence on the basis of these beliefs is conflicted, and the conflict is incapable of being resolved.

However, Love is the uniting Event which fills all of Creation when "thinking to be heard of God" (negotiating) and "speaking to be heard of men" (manipulating) are abandoned in favor of yielding to God and glorifying Him by introducing nothing other than God into the experience of being.

Kingston, Washington
February 15, 2002