"Stupidity is the continued attempt to do that which doesn't work."

Dear friends,

How well prepared are you for anything unexpected? Do you even allow for the unexpected, or are you one who finds preparation unnecessary because you consciously invite it? Are you one who feels threatened by it or invigorated at the prospect of it? Do you have a five-year plan which you are executing as a defense against it, even though you say it is to responsibly provide direction to your life? Are your attempts to be orderly and structured more appropriate than your ability to be fluid and spontaneously balanced in your every action?

What do the words, "Thy will, not mine be done," mean? Are they the epitome of irresponsibility? Is meditation a form of escapism? Does a mind, clear of assumptions, preconceptions and absolutes, stand on the threshold of transformation, insight and discovery? Or is it in a state of stupid rest?

Only you can find the answers to these questions. And the only way that will occur is if you explore the only two choices you have available to you: Attempting to be in control, yourself, or yielding to That which is in control. One requires arrogant self-confidence. The other requires humble trust.

History is the extensive record of the exploration of the former, and I lovingly suggest that it is intelligent to conscientiously begin the exploration of the latter.

Kingston, Washington
February 8, 2002