"If you don't want to step in the chicken poop, don't walk around in the chicken coop!"

"And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was
very . . ."

"Wait a minute," He said to His secretary, who was carefully transcribing His account of Creation. "What in Heaven's name is going on down there?" She glanced over, taking in the broad view afforded her by being in His presence, and was amazed at the sight. "Why, I can't imagine," she said. "It's preposterous!"

Indeed, as they watched, they saw eagles, flocked together on the ground, walking around like cats in the snow - hesitantly moving from one foot to the other, and then shaking something off of the foot that had just left the ground. "What has gotten into them?" God said. "Don't they realize that if they remain groundedtogether they will simply become more deeply mired in their own poop?"

"You are excused," He told her. "We will continue later."

Shifting his perspective, He was immediately in the middle of one of the flocks, as one of the eagles, and occupied Himself by observing and listening.

It didn't take long to ascertain that the eagles were in misery, preoccupied with solving the rather nasty problem of everything in their life turning to . . . well, you know. But, to His surprise, when he asked them why they didn't just fly out of there, He was told, "Fly? We can't fly. We're chickens. God didn't make chickens to fly."

"But, you are eagles, not chickens," He told them. "Yeah, and I suppose you think you're an eagle, too," one of them yelled. And they laughed him to scorn.

"I am more than an eagle, as are you. But if you think you are chickens, you will fight against your plight, instead of taking flight. Now, stretch those wings and fly! Watch me!" And with that, He lifted off of the ground and soared with the most incredible grace, finally coming to rest in the top of a tree about a quarter of a mile away. "Come on!"

The others, no longer occupied with the condition of their feet, were in awe. No chicken could do that!

"He is a very special chicken," they murmured, in sudden spontaneous agreement. "No more special than you," He said to them.

"I will tell you something: If you have seen me, you have seen God. But if you do not see yourself in me, you haven't seen me. Now stretch those wings and fly. Then you will see yourself in me, and you will know what you Are."

No one had ever talked to them like this before. And as their minds began to tumble into a new paradigm, He lifted off into the air and rose higher and higher into the sky, until He disappeared from view.

Are you going to stretch your wings today?

Kingston, Washington
February 7, 2002