"The only way to win the game, is not to play the game at all."

Dear friends,

Egotism is never a solitary activity. It is always juxtaposed against someone or something else. One cannot imagine himself to be superior to, or gain superiority over nothing.

Egotism is a dance consciously engaged in between two would-be "superiors," even though one may genuinely adopt the position of "inferior" to more effectively best the other.

Egotism is a contest in which only the contestants find value.

Egotism is not inevitable, natural, healthy or real. It borrows its "existence" from the tension of the contest and the process of apparently moving from good to better, to best, to bested!

Do you seem to be the innocent victim of an egotist? Then you haven't brought maximal skill to your role as the "inferior" one. In fact, you have probably forgotten that you are an egotist of equal skill, and have thus lost the "cutting edge."

Victims and victimizers,both, are cruel; harshly utilizing whatever will best the other - even the claim of innocence and foul play.

The answer to egotism lies in the realization that there is a world beyond the obsession of the contest - one in which none of the elements of the contest matter to anyone - and abandoning it.

Kingston, Washington
February 5, 2002