"This is the day the Lord hath made. Be glad, give thanks, rejoice!"

Dear friends,

Joy is less than a choice. It is a decisionless decision! It comes before having anything to be joyful about. It is the predisposition to find God everywhere. It is a gift - not a response - of willingness to be delighted for no reason.

Like Peace, Joy resides in your Being, beneath the intellectual dynamics of thoughts, of reasoning, of drawing conclusions and reacting to them. Like Peace, it is experienced when one abandons or disregards all thought - as in meditation, or a moment of distraction - and one finds oneself in the Silence.

Joy fills you, and then spills out into the world. And it looks like you standing in awe of previously unnoticed perfection, order, harmony, without anything having changed!

You may think "things" make you happy, but Joy works in reverse. It makes all things beautiful to behold, because they are bathed in - gifted by - the illumination coming from you.

Today, what will it be? The gift of Peace and Joy, no matter what? Or happiness, stolen from your world by making it conform to you?

Kingston, Washington
February 4, 2002