"Humility is the willingness to release the stimulating dynamic of conflict, chaos, and the surmounting of it."

Dear friends,

Reaction is the epitome of arrogance. Unlike response, it is the care-less expression of lovelessness, which always arises out of conditioning. What makes it loveless is the fact that it has nothing to do with the one to whom the arrogance is directed. It honors only the internal processes of the one being arrogant, disallowing for an actual connection between him and the one standing in receipt of his reaction.

Unfortunately, reactions tend to trigger reactions and dialogue apparently ensues, even though communication is not happening - rather like endless automatic e-mail receipt messages, which are almost impossible to interrupt.

Response, on the other hand, is the epitome of humility. Unlike reaction, it is care-full. It is an expression of love, because the one responding takes time to listen and hear, thus honoring the one being responded to, no matter how that one is presenting himself/herself.

Response does not honor any internal processes or conditionings present in the one responding, but arises out of an actual connection with the one being responded to. And even though this may trigger reactions in the one being responded to, it more often than not results in communication occurring, where both are able to be together innocently - minus pre-existing baggage.

Humility, when it comes into play, quickly starves conflict of its automatic refueling. Reaction begets reaction, whereas response begets communication and communication begets mutuality.

Kingston, Washington
February 3, 2002