"Don't delay your healing!"

Dear friends,

Time plays no part in healing because healing is the discovery that what needs healing is a misperception of something Real, Which never for an instant became less than perfect.

Creation - the visibility and tangibility of God - is not matter, but Spirit. Spirit is not dense and is not governed by physics. Therefore, the evidence of disease, disappearing as the result of healing, waits not on the "laws of matter," which would require time. Healing is as instantaneous as your ability to release the misperception that was blocking your experience of perfection.

Do not argue that it will take time for the bone to mend, or the swelling to go down, or the blood clots to dissolve. Argue against the ingrained belief that it will! Declare that you are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it. The fact is that because God and his Self-expression are changeless, you are at the point of perfection, and it is not arrogant or preposterous to declare that this fact supercedes the necessity of time in order for you to experience it.

These declarations will not make Reality real. They will not constitute an exercise of authority. But they will constitute a use of your mind that neglects to reinforce the misperception, and this will release you from delay - from turning healing, which is instantaneous, into a healing process that takes time. It is not "diseased matter" which needs to be changed, but a misperception of Spirit - the visibility and tangibility of God - which needs to be released.

Healing is Reality revealed where misperception had covered It from your eyes.

Kingston, Washington
January 27, 2002