"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Dear friends,

Truth is absolute, unimpeachable, inviolable and eternal. It is the absolute unimpeachability, inviolability and eternality of every aspect of Creation. It is the "bottom line" of every thing - the irreducible, essential "it" of what God is being . . . there, there, there, everywhere! Truth is the direct experience of God - that which is revealed when you "go into thy closet and pray to thy Father, which is in secret" . . . meaning: "which is in the silence."

On the other hand, Truth is relative, impeachable, vulnerable to influence and ever-changing. It is the absence of a "bottom line" to everything, wherein there is no essential, unchangeable "it" to anything, anywhere! It is the indirect experience of God, caused by standing apart from Him, and is as variable as the vantage points you choose to take at any given time.

Truth is . . . and only Truth is. The way in which It is experienced - as absolute or relative - is governed by your choice between "Thy will be done," or "my will be done." When the latter is chosen, "your" truth will be in error, mistaken. Your actions will be incongruent with Truth, Itself, and you will experience the dissonance of being "at odds" with life. Further, you will likely come to the conclusion that life is at odds with you, requiring an ongoing defense against it!

Your apparent "right" to see everything uniquely, together with your defense of that "right," makes it impossible to "fit in," because you are unavailable to participate in the movement of God . . . as the movement of God that You Are.

The answer to this dilemma is prayer. And prayer is: Yielding to the Father's Will. It is the giving of yourself to Him, rather than getting something from Him. In so doing, Truth is revealed. And what everything Truly is, is added unto you, as your conscious experience of being . . . Whole.

Kingston, Washington
January 25, 2002