"Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Dear friends,

It is a simple truth: What you see is what you get.

It is a profound truth: What you See is what you get.

If you look with your eyes, you are bound by what they are capable of seeing. But if you look with Vision, your eyes are given something new to see.

Vision is the result of casting your attention beyond the seen, into the Unknown, the Void - when you lean into the meaning of, "Thy will, not mine be done." When you are actually willing to abandon your present sense of things and lean into the infinite, when you actually desire to know Truth beyond your present sense of truth, revelation occurs, and what is revealed forever changes what your eyes see.

This is called transformation. This is called redemption. This is called healing. Do not want to sidestep these by taking one grand step into enlightenment. After all, if your current misperceptions of the Kingdom of Heaven are not transformed, redeemed, healed, the Kingdom of Heaven will still be hidden from your eyes.

Everything you are experiencing must undergo this redemption. Everything must be loved back into its spiritual original. And only love for that which is Real in each and every thing can trigger the "divine alchemy" of Spirit in your mind.

Nothing is too inconsequential to embrace in your desire to know the truth. God is omnipresent - right there in the smallest or the greatest, the ugliest or the most beautiful, the meanest or the most loving things you might observe.

Be willing to abandon what your eyes see in favor of what Vision, desired and leaned into, brings forth

Kingston, Washington
January 22, 2002