"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."

Dear friends,

What if being grounded in your peace was essential to your survival? Would you not question or challenge every invitation to be reactive and upset? Would you not be alert to and examine every knee-jerk response which bypassed your commitment to your peace?

If, indeed, you experienced simultaneous pain whenever you abandoned your peace, you would never be fooled into justifying the reasons for being out of your peace, nor would the promise of "justice," which those reasons held out to you, secure your commitment to your reactions.

Peace is indivisible. It is your invulnerability, your innocence, and your incapacity to be conflicted because it is indivisible, and therefore undivided. When you abandon it for the "pleasure" and "satisfaction" of reaction - and the delicious "promise" of extracting justice from the unjust situations you will see everywhere, - you lose the fully-realized conscious experience of being the divine One that you Are, and this lost experience is called "the human condition."

Indeed, being grounded in your peace is essential to your survival. Coming from that Place of Excellence within you, which is the essential You, is the only way the divine One that you Are can be fully realized and experienced consciously - actualized. It is neither a state of euphoria nor of mental passivity. It is more than insulation against pain and suffering. It is your Sanity regained.

Kingston, Washington
January 20, 2002