"Lead us not into temptation."

Dear friends,

Temptation is whatever causes you to act unconsciously, without a grounded reference point. It is, as well, whatever you find useful in avoiding honesty, responsibility and Self-respect.

One you use, the other uses you.

Temptation is not evil. It is carelessness. Indulged in, it obscures the truth from you. It keeps you in the dark . . . or equally, keeps You from being seen.

Temptation is a game of insincerity which two must play quite consciously, a win/win game wherein the tempter and the tempted both become unconscious - self-absorbed and Self-ignored. This is the purpose of the game.

Unconsciousness of Self might well be called attack on Self, and therefore "evil." But that elevates the "simple carelessness" - which prompted self-absorption - artificially and makes it seem as though there might just be a war of grand dimensions . . . one between Illusion and Reality. And thus a quest to win the war takes precedence, distracting those involved from simple common sense - addressing carelessness!

The simple fact, if you acknowledged it, that you are always doing just exactly what you choose to do, would put temptation in its place. It would be seen as an excuse for irresponsibility, dishonesty and lack of Self-respect. And such acknowledgment would halt the game, uncover You to you, and You to all the world.

Kingston, Washington
January 15, 2002