"Take off the thing you need the least!"

Dear friends,

When I speak about your being "genuinely" you, it is important to understand exactly what I mean, else you can ignorantly decide that you are to speak your truth, when doing so will further estrange you in those instances when you feel called upon to be "honest."

All of you, without exception, are wearing a costume, custom-designed by your acquired and ever-changing beliefs about who you are. Your behaviors, your styles of speech, your subtle body language, your so-called spontaneous knee-jerk reactions, even your apparently uncontrollable behavior under stress . . . everything about you . . . embodies/expresses this costume.

If you are unaware that you are in a costume, you will interpret "being honestly yourself," "being genuinely you," as being perfectly, exquisitely expressive of yourself as you currently perceive yourself to be - the character your costume portrays, - shooting from the hip and letting the chips fall where they may. This is not what I mean.

It is only when you either voluntarily abandon your costume, or fail so completely at fulfilling the role of your costume and discard it, that you begin to be genuine. It is only then that your self-expression is uncalculating, uncontrolling and honest, because expressive of your costume-less being. It is only here that everything you do will be without defense. It is only here that you will find your every word, act and thought being utterly consistent with and expressive of the divine one that you Are.

To know "what" the truth is, you must set aside what you believe the Truth to be - even momentarily - and desire to have Truth, Itself, established in you, so that then you will have the words, speech, body language and apparently spontaneous behavior with which to embody it.

Truth is not a possession! It is never "your" truth. It is never that which gives you personal (costumed) power or presence. It is That which needs no defense and That which cannot be used as defense against anything else . . . and it perfectly expresses the You that you Really Are - innocent and benign.

Kingston, Washington
January 14, 2002