"The patient pursuit of Vision - by letting it in - results in persistence of Vision."

Dear friends,

What is the first sign of a seeker of Truth, of one on the "spiritual path"? It is humility. It is the inner recognition of helplessness - usually in the middle of crisis - and the abandonment of all further attempts to proactively govern what happens. It is the abandonment of control and the asking for help from whatever Resource lies beyond one's own personal capacity. It is the release of all that one thought he could embrace and the yielding into That which embraces him.

It is not the rehearsal of spiritual ideas, but the humble desire to know what is spiritually True. It is not asking God for this or that, but asking God what is needed . . . and Listening. It is not a glib tongue, but a tongue which is tied, unable to find the words, and not trying to - abiding in apparent ignorance until Vision is given which gives rise to the words of Realization.

It is the pleasant/unpleasant experience of yielding into the meaning of the words, "Not my will, but thine be done" and abiding there as full open consciousness.

The first sign of a seeker of Truth is experienced as unparalleled distress because it requires a level of trust never before allowed - one so total as to imply that there is real danger, else one could handle the situation himself.

This "danger" is an illusion occasioned only by one's unfamiliarity with the act of trust, and it passes. But until the illusion does pass, it can seem to justify one's abandonment of trust and create an impasse, as a result of one's abandoning control but not asking for help.

Have you taken the first step?

Kingston, Washington
January 12, 2002