"To be or not to be is not the question."

Dear friends,

There is a difference between equilibrium and neutrality. Equilibrium is not a defense against opposing forces, while neutrality is. Equilibrium is effortless, while neutrality is a constant state of tension, wherein neither of two opposites is yielded to. Equilibrium is not defined by polarities, while neutrality is. In the absence of polarities, neutrality ceases to exist, but equilibrium does not.

Practicing neutrality is not the means of resolving conflict, but the attempt to avoid being affected by it, even though the avoidance demonstrates complete domination. To be neutral about a terminal illness and let it kill you, to be neutral about abuse and be its victim, or to be neutral about life and not embrace it, is to be immobilized, an absence of Presence - an unavoidably uncomfortable active denial of what you Are. And to believe that this is a spiritually advanced practice is foolishness. Neutrality is, itself, defense against polarities, and therefore is not neutral at all.

Do not wish to have, and do not be a neutral friend. Neutrality renders you both incapable of being the Presence that heals, even though you believe otherwise. Equilibrium, on the other hand - perfect equipoise - is a state of fluid, graceful Presence, which moves in harmony and peace, uncovering what is Real where conflict seemed to be. It rides the waves of the movement of God without distraction - in other words, with commitment but not force - as bold as God is omnipotent, as gentle as His Love, as sweet as Truth.

Equilibrium is your Birthright, inherent in your Being. Choose to have and be a friend who embodies it, expresses it in the world - not on a quest to overcome or avoid opposites, but by being their nonexistence, by speaking only Truth, being only Love, expressing only Principle right where its opposites are claiming to be.

Kingston, Washington
January 11, 2002