"Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing."

Dear friends,

If today is the day to make resolutions to be in a new way, then let it be a resolution to forgive - your world, your friends, yourself!

Let it be a sober resolve, grounded in the awareness that it requires an actual replacement of your perceptions of them with the direct experience of what is Real about them.

Let it be made with the clear realization that you do not have the direct experience of what is Real about them, else you would see no evidence of sin, disease and death.

Let your commitment uncover the fact that you are the Savior of the world you see, because you are the one holding your perceptions of it between yourself and the Kingdom of Heaven, like a cross between you and a vampire, and thus you deny the Kingdom of Heaven entrance into your awareness.

There is no world, no sinner, no lost soul of the sort that you perceive. Forgiveness means releasing them from your convictions that they do exist as what you think they are, and doing it by letting God replace your misperceptions with the Truth.

Kingston, Washington
January 1, 2002