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Random quote: I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary. ~ Raj

Raj on: What Fourth-Dimensional Relationships will be Like
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2017-09-01 5:22 AM (#223546)
Subject: Raj on: What Fourth-Dimensional Relationships will be Like


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Excerpt from: Raj @ Monterey, CA 1987



[Starts @ Tape 2 Side 2 – 17:59 minutes]

QUESTION: Could you tell me something about what has been the purpose of my relationship with the man that I was more intensely involved with in January and February? And what will relationships be like in fourth-dimensional Reality?

PAUL: This fellow’s first name?


PAUL: Chris, okay just a moment.

RAJ: It was literally to move you into a clearer experience of your independence, to illustrate to you the fact that you are not needy, that you are not half of something needing your other half. Another way of putting it succinctly is that its function was to uncover for you the fact that you are a whole-souled woman.

I know that isn’t what you expected out of the relationship, that it was rather supposed to be the fulfilling of the need so that you wouldn’t feel needy. But the real fulfilling of the need was to discover that you are not incomplete as you stand there at any moment. It was not meant for that relationship to substantiate in a permanent way your incompleteness.

Now, you have asked what relationships are like fourth-dimensionally. Well, I will tell you that it constitutes an intimate relationship with everyone because, you see, the sense of distinction of differentness between Individualities is absent. Communication, which is the expression of an idea from one to another through space, gives way to communion, which is the communication of ideas that is everywhere present at all times.

And so, you feel the Meaning of an Individuality, of every Individuality all at the same time. It is deeper than any experience that any of you have had with any other individual. And you could say that it is like multiplying this deeper experience with one individual by the number of Individualities there are. And so, for you at the moment, it would constitute an overwhelming experience. But the fact is that all that would cause it to seem to be overwhelming would be the degree of resistance you will bring to relating, the degree to which you insist upon maintaining a separate identity.

You do not yet see that your integrity is inseparable from the integrity of every single aspect of what God is being infinitely. And so, to you Individualism means to be set apart from everyone else. Individualism is an indivisibility. It is the inability to experience any aspect of your life as divided from any other aspect. When I say that love is the recognition of that which is divinely Real in each and everything and when I say that love is the act of letting down the defenses you have against perceiving the Reality of everything, I am meaning that you are letting down that which separates you from your Self, infinitely speaking. That means opening up to the experience of the meaning of every Individuality.

Relationships are not special, fourth-dimensionally speaking. There’s not one, out of everyone else, with whom you have a more meaningful relationship. The reason being that each of you, if you are being fourth-dimensionally, are inseparable from the Father’s Will in motion—the Movement of the Father’s Will. And thus, everything you do reflects the impeccability of the Father’s Will and the essential Movement of Fulfillment that the Father’s Will Is. And thus, the experience of this “other” Individuality is profound, full of Meaning because there is nothing in either one of you which is defended against the experience of the Movement of God that looks like two Individualities.

Now, I do not want you to try to conceptualize this too much. The key for you to remember is that fourth-dimensional relationships are relationships of love, pure divine love that embraces everyone and everything, that brings out a fuller experience of the unity of the infinite Expression of the Father—It’s unity with you, your unity with It—without in any way losing your identity or, shall I say, your Individuality.

Now, it should be obvious to you that you could not begin to Wake up into that sort of relating as long as you felt incomplete and needy and that your completeness could be supplied by someone else. There’s no self-respect in that, no ability to have true self-appreciation. And it is only as self-appreciation increases that you can find yourself in a position of being able to let down the defenses so that you may have an increased experience of unity and joy in relating to everyone and everything.

And so, this relationship you mentioned has been very helpful, very constructive for you, even though it wasn’t what you anticipated. That’s the end of the answer.

QUESTION: Can I ask something else?

RAJ: Okay.

QUESTION: Part of me tends to think: does that mean that in the fourth-dimension there won’t be any desire for a meaningful, committed relationship? And does that, therefore, mean that, if I find myself without such a relationship, it’s to push me faster into the fourth-dimension, or should I try to let go of that desire?

RAJ: No, it is not appropriate for you to let go of that desire. A relationship, humanly speaking, at this point provides you with the circumstance, shall I say, the laboratory in which to learn to be defenseless, unwillful, uncontrolling, unmanipulating. And what you learn in a relationship with one individual is what will lend itself to learning how to be “in a relationship” fourth-dimensionally.

It is most appropriate for you to desire a relationship and to be open to it. Just don’t try to make it happen. Abiding with the desire will lay the groundwork, you might say, for causing you to be able to perceive the relationship that your Being is unfolding for the identification of your fulfillment. That’s the end of the answer.

[Ends @ end of Tape 2 Side 2]


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